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Resources for Military Families

Brown County boasts a rich tradition of service to our country.  Brown County Schools is here to support military families by offering a trained point of contact in each building.  Please reach out to them at the provided phone numbers with any questions.

Point of Contact for Military Families in Brown County Schools

Brown County High School:
Mrs. Alecia Adams and Mrs. Emily Lewellen
(812) 988-6606

Brown County Junior High School:
Mr. Michael Potts
(812) 988-6605

Brown County Intermediate School:
Mrs. Lauren Lockdall
(812) 988-6607

Sprunica Elementary School:
Mr. Shane Killinger
(812) 988-6625

Helmsburg Elementary School:
Staci Harden and Mr. George Slaybaugh
(812) 988-6651

Van Buren Elementary School:
Mr. Gavin Steele
(812) 988-6658