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Plato Courseware

BCHS students may be approved to enroll in a Plato Course for one of the following reasons:

  1. As credit recovery for a course
  2. As 1st time credit attempt for a course (due to scheduling conflicts or other graduation requirement issues
  3. As a course retake (aka course audit & found in BCHS course guide)
  4. If the course is available only through Plato (e.g., CTE Elective or to finish a course started through another school)

Plato Courses are delivered online. As with traditional courses, they are selected for students based on their academic goals, graduation requirements, and interests in mind. However unlike most traditional courses, students enrolled in a Plato course are not charged for access to textbooks or consumable materials. All the learning materials they need are web-based and fall into the category of Digital Curriculum. The cost for accessing online Plato course content is $35.00 per credit/course. Courses are semester based and equate to 1 credit per semester.