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School Breakfast is Cool!

School Breakfast is Cool!
As the summer approaches, kids often become more restless and distracted at school. You can help to make sure that their last weeks of school are productive by ensuring that they begin the day with a nutritious breakfast. Studies show a good breakfast makes kids more alert, less distractible, and better behaved in school; it can even improve their test scores! Let’s keep our students focused by making sure they begin every school day with a balanced meal at home or at the School Breakfast Program.

School Breakfast facts

School Breakfast facts
A great breakfast program is offered at school every day! Here are some fun facts about school breakfast:
  • It’s easy! Instead of running around in the morning trying to make sure your children eat a healthy meal, let us do the work. They can get a great breakfast at school, and there will be no dishes for you to wash!
  • It’s affordable! If qualified, your child may be able to get breakfast at a reduced price or for free. If your child already eats a free or reduced price lunch, they automatically qualify for a free or reduced price breakfast.
  • It’s tasty! Schools now have more variety to choose from when deciding what to offer your children for breakfast.  Request a menu so you can view what your child may be eating at school.
  • It’s good for the brain! Research suggests that not having breakfast can affect children’s intellectual performance (CDC).

School Breakfast – Good for Kids and Good for Parents!

School Breakfast – Good for Kids and Good for Parents!
For parents with busy schedules, it can be hard to make sure that kids are eating a healthy breakfast before they go to school in the morning. Sometimes children aren’t hungry right after waking up, and it’s hard to find food they like to eat that is also healthy. Also, some kids refuse breakfast at home, but are hungry when they arrive at school. Fortunately, we have a great breakfast program for all students, and it’s available at school every day. If morning meals are difficult for your family, let the Brown County School Breakfast Program help you out!

New on-line payment

  The Brown County School District is pleased to introduce a new program called e~Funds for Schools. This program offers various options for parents/guardians who choose to make payments online and is extremely user friendly. Not only will you have the ability to have various school fees and lunch payments electronically withdrawn from your checking account or charged to your credit card, you also have the flexibility to make a payment at any time through the school's website. The e~Funds for Schools service is offered to you by a third party service provider and they charge for processing your payment(s), similar to other online banking services. The district does not request or keep records of family checking or credit card account information. The e~Funds for Schools electronic payment service is provided to the school by a third party service provider. The service provider has a nominal fee for their service. There is a $1.00 transaction convenience fee for each electronic checking payment that you make. The system carries a Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) charge if the payment is “bad.” For payments made by credit or debit card, there is a convenience fee of $2.65 per each $100 increment in the transaction. When you set up your account, please review your options carefully. You are in full control of your account and can make a payment at any time that is convenient for you. No payments will be allowed without your knowledge and authorization through this secure payment system. By providing your home and/or work email address, an email notification informing you of the student’s name, purpose of the payment, and the amount of the item, will be sent to you each time that a payment is to be processed. The e~Funds for Schools site is secure and uses industry standard data encryption.   Make payments through Skyward Family Access Getting Started with Online Payments   How does e-Funds for Schools work?  
  • o Families set up and maintain their own logins, passwords, and payment preferences. Your account information is retained in a password-protected file.
  • o e~Funds for Schools will help to eliminate last minute check writing hassles, improve efficiencies, and help cut costs for both you and the school district
  • o Online payments will help eliminate the worry that your children could lose or forget the money intended for school items or that it might be spent on other non-school related items.
  • o Payments from a credit card or checking account may easily be set up.
  • o Parents/guardians may establish a reoccurring payment or may opt to make a one-time payment.

End of the school year

Dear Parents, The end of the school year is fast approaching and Brown County Food Service  would like to send a friendly reminder to you that all negative cafeteria dues must be paid off prior to May 12th. NO CHARGING is allowed after the 12th of May.  Please check your student’s account balance and make a payment, if necessary, by logging into your MyPaymentsPlus account at


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Summer should be a stress-free time full of food, friends and fun. Free summer meals can help.
  • FREE to kids and teens age 18 and under
  • Healthy meals based on USDA nutrition guidelines
  • Fun, safe place for kids and teens
  • Help families save money
  • No application or proof of income needed
  • Meals are prepared and sponsored by Brown County Schools’ Food Services Department

Meals will be available Monday through Friday May 30th through August 2nd at these locations*:

Brown County High School Eagle’s Café

Breakfast: 8:30am-10:30am

Lunch: 11:00am-12:30pm


Summer 2017 Custom Flyer

Summer Meals

Summer Meals
Summer break for many students is a time to kick back, play outside, and hang out with friends. For a significant portion of public school students in the United States, however, the end of school also brings a familiar question—what's for lunch? During the school year, about 30.3 million children receive free or reduced-price lunches at their public schools. But in the summer, only 2.6 million of those students receive a free or reduced lunch. That's fewer than 10 percent. Brown County Schools are giving FREE meals to kids and teens age 18 and under .These healthy meals based on USDA nutrition guidelines. • Its a fun, safe place for kids and teens • Help families save money • No application or proof of income needed • Meals are prepared and sponsored by Brown County Schools’ Food Services Department /Meals will be available Monday through Friday May 31th through July 29th at these locations* (not serving the week of July 4th): Brown County High School Eagle’s Café Breakfast: 9:30am-10:00am Lunch: 11:00am-12:30pm Brown County YMCA 11:20am-11:45am