Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Are you thinking about higher education next year? Start filing a FAFSA today!

ALL students who are even considering college or any educational institution after high school should file a FAFSA

Filing the FAFSA

There has been a recent change to the FAFSA process.  Filing now opens on October 1st and the deadline is still March 10th.  The most significant change is that the FAFSA will be based on taxes that are already filed.  For example: this year’s seniors’ aid will be based on family’s taxes from last year.

The state of Indiana is hosting a FREE financial aid workshop on February 12 from 2-4 at locations across the state. The closest locations to Nashville are the Bloomington Ivy Tech at 200 Daniel’s Way, Bloomington, IN and the Columbus Learning Center at 4555 Central Avenue, #1600, Columbus, IN. These events will allow you to file the FAFSA online in one afternoon with professional help, for FREE!

FAFSA is done online at 
*Please note: Filing the FAFSA is FREE! If you are being charged to file the FAFSA, check the website you are using. The website above is the ONLY one you should use.