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Who takes this test?

All students grades K-8


For more information, please see the following documents.

K-4 STEEP Overview 10-15-16

5-8 STEEP Overview 10-15-16


STEEP (System to Enhance Educational Performance) is an assessment system use K-8 to screen students for indicators of academic risk in both reading and math.  STEEP tasks are research-based.  Peer reviewed scientific studies demonstrate their effectiveness in a range of school environments.  STEEP assessments are categorized as Curriculum Based Measures (CBM).  According to the National Center for Response to Intervention, CBMs are the best type of assessment to use within an intervention framework because they are  both brief and valid.  STEEP assessments are administered and scored within a computer browser using a mobile device and provide immediate results.  STEEP assessments are not diagnostic or prescriptive.  They are predictive of risk for academic failure.  Results are used to affirm for teachers which students may benefit from a closer look.