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Dual Credit Opportunities

BCS Administrative Guidelines


The policy of Brown County Schools dictates that a school corporation representative must meet with each student who intends to participate in a dual credit program and discuss the following:

  • the course in which the student is authorized to enroll
  • the postsecondary credit the student may earn upon successful course completion
  • the consequences of a student’s failure to successfully complete a course
  • the student’s schedule
  • the financial obligations of the student and the school under the program
  • the responsibilities of the student, the student’s parent, and the school under the program
  • any other matters concerning the program

Required textbooks for all courses taken for high school credit, including dual credit courses, must be made available to students as follows:

  • Required textbooks (consumable and non-consumable) are available with no fee charged to students of families approved for free and reduced price meals.
  • Required textbooks (non-consumable) are available for rental to students for a fee not to exceed 25% of the total cost of the textbook.
  • Required textbooks (consumable) are available for purchase from Brown County Schools with a fee equal to the cost of the text.
  • Information regarding how to find and purchase a new or used copy of a required text must be made available to students by a school corporation representative prior to enrollment in the course. Any student wishing to own a personal copy of a required (non-consumable) textbook for a dual credit course is responsible for the full cost of the textbook.

Note: A consumable textbook cannot be re-used by another student. A workbook is a consumable textbook.