About BCIS


About BCIS

Brown County Intermediate School was established in 2013 as a district reorganization brought 5th and 6th grade students to a single building.  While it was originally the home of Nashville Elementary School, BCIS offers expanded opportunities to students.  Science labs, a new gymnasium and fitness center, music classes, and additional extra-curriculars are all a part of providing greater opportunities to BCS students.


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On behalf of the students and staff at Brown County Intermediate School, I would like to welcome you.  I hope you find our website interesting and informative.  At Brown County Intermediate School we are committed to creating a culture of respect and kindness in order to insure that all students have opportunities to further their academic, social, and emotional development in a safe, secure, and engaging learning environment.  Each student will be held to high academic and behavior standards.  Our teachers and support staff are committed to implementing the best practices in providing a quality instructional program that meets the individual needs of our students.

I am honored to be the principal at Brown County Intermediate School.  I bring my own love of kids, community and learning, plus 20 years of experience as an educator myself.  I was fortunate enough to have taught math for 10 years at Brown County Junior High School, and to have served as assistant principal and athletic director for six years.  This is my fifth year as principal at BCIS.  I have four children of my own, one seventh-grader and three sixth-graders.  I truly believe the depth and range of my experiences are gifts that have broadened my own understanding of how our children develop and what they need most.

I encourage and invite you to participate and become engaged in our school.  We know that ensuring students receive a quality education in a caring environment with engaging work is a team effort, and we are grateful to have such supportive and involved parents standing behind the children we serve.  As partners, please know that you are a critical part of our school community.  Thank you for entrusting us with the care of your children.  Should you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at (812) 988-6607.  I look forward to a very rewarding and enriching school year!



EMAIL: tdavis@browncountyschools.com

In my childhood, I came to Brown County with my four siblings and my parents to camp and cut wood on my parents’ 20 acres, and I became very attached to the area.  Years later, after attending both Purdue and Indiana Universities to earn bachelor degrees in English and Education, it was a natural choice for me to pursue a teaching career here.  I began teaching language arts at the junior high in 1991 and earned my M.A. in Educational Psychology at Indiana University in 1995. My wife’s and my love of the outdoors and our appreciation for what Brown County Schools would offer our two children made our move to the county an easy decision 17 years ago.  In my leisure time I am often found outside…running on the roads of Brown County, playing with my bullmastiffs, or working on an outdoor project.

In 2016, I acquired my principal’s license through Indiana University, and I am now fulfilling my dream of working with our county’s children and our teachers in a leadership position at BCIS!  As Assistant Principal at BCIS, I strive to help our students reach their social and academic potential.  Above all, I hope to play a vital role in developing young adults who will be kind, compassionate, hard-working members of society who will make our world an even better place.

In my role as Athletic Director, I hope to help our young realize the physical and psychological benefits of living a healthy, physically active lifestyle.  I encourage our students to take advantage of the many athletic opportunities they have available to them at BCIS!  In the fall, girls may participate in volleyball here at BCIS; and both boys and girls may join the tennis and cross country teams.  In the winter, we offer basketball to boys and girls, as well as wrestling to the boys.  In the spring, both boys and girls are invited to participate in track.