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Food Service Program during COVID-19 Shutdown

Food Service Program during COVID-19 Shutdown

Here are a few clarifications regarding our food service program for the March 23 thru May 1:

1. Anyone can pick up meals for any of our children. If you want to pick up meals for a neighbor/friend, you are more than welcome to do so. When you register, all we need is the total number of students.

An example: You have two (2) children and one attends VBES and one attends BCIS. You have a few neighbors/friends who want you to pick up meals for their children. There are 6 total neighbor/friend children. You want to pick all of the meals up at VBES. You will mark VBES on the registration form and put 8 in the total number needed. Easy!

2. Please understand that the meals you receive on the 23rd might not be as high quality as those that you will receive throughout the food service. This is because our food service teams will not have been in their kitchens since last Friday. We will do the very best we can!

3. If you have any questions about the program, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 812-988-6601 X1101 or by email:

4. We are trying to reach as many families as we can through this method – please share the news with your friends and family.



Please sign up for meals here:


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