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Attention Parents! The after-school snack program is changing…………

Attention Parents!            The after-school snack program is changing…………

What does this mean?     Brown County Schools have chosen to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), a USDA sponsored program that serves after school meals to students.

When school is out and parents are still at work, children need a safe place to be with their friends, with structured activities, supportive adults, and good nutrition. After-school programs that participate in CACFP give children the nutrition they need, and draw them into constructive activities that are safe, fun, and filled with opportunities for learning.

How does it work?      Any child under 18 will now be served a balanced meal at after school care that will typically consist of a sandwich, piece of fruit, milk, and a vegetable. This will all come as one “package” …like a sack lunch.


  • Kids are encouraged, but are not required to take a meal.
  • Kids can choose to eat all, some, or none of the meal. All we ask is that your student place unwanted items on the share table.
  • Kids are welcome to take a fruit and vegetable home if they so choose.
  • Any school extracurricular activities are encouraged to participate in this program.

What if my child has allergies or dietary needs?

The food service department has taken the specific needs of each child at every participating school into account and are happy to address any specific questions or concerns.


Call Don Hymer, Director of Food Service or Jason Kirchhofer, Assistant Director @ 812-988-5423

More questions about the CACFP program, please visit the website below:

Information about the WIC program, please visit the website below:

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