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CRC Steering Committee Meeting…January 9, 2019



January 9, 2019


CRC Mission: The Brown County Career Resource Center (CRC) offers educational opportunities, individual counseling, and career-related services intended to improve quality of life and earning potential through lifelong learning. The individual benefits provided by the CRC become a cumulative benefit for the community as a whole, both economically and through inter-generational transfer.


Call to Order


Welcome Visitors  


Approval of November & December Minutes


Approval of Modifications


Director’s Report & Financial Report

Please see attached document

Please see attached cash flow report


Old Business  

  • Article V
  • Committee member terms of services

Sean- April 2019 (1st term)     Served two terms prior to June 2014

Bob- Oct. 2019 (2nd term)

Kim-June 2020 (2nd term)

Tom- Nov. 2020 (2nd term)

Frank- Jan. 2021 (1st term)

Sally Ann- March 2021 (2nd term)


New Business

  • 2019 Calendar of CRC Steering Committee meetings
  • $1,000 anonymous donation
  • Resignation of Kim Sechler from the CRC Steering Committee
  • Assignment of Deborah Harman as a replacement for Kim Sechler
  • Nomination of new committee chair


Public Comment

  • The next meeting of the Steering Committee is February 13, 2018 @ 6:30 p.m.


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